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  • Emma Tillman

Why Electric Gate Servicing is Worth the Investment: Top 3 Benefits

Your electric gate serves as a pivotal feature of your property; used for entry and exit multiple times throughout the day.

Given its frequent use, it is susceptible to wear and tear, highlighting the importance of regular professional inspection.

Designer Gates, specialists in gate servicing, outline the top 3 benefits of regular maintenance below to ensure you're gates and automation are always performing at their best.

1. Prevent Future Costly Repairs

Electric gates consist of numerous intricate moving components, highlighting the necessity for regular inspections to ensure their optimal functioning. Routine servicing not only maintains the gate's efficiency but also involves examining, adjusting and lubricating the internal mechanisms, ensuring constant reliable accessibility.

One significant advantage of yearly electric gate servicing is it's proactive approach in addressing potential issues. Although automatic gates are typically reliable, being prepared for any eventualities is prudent.

Neglected minor gate problems can escalate, leading to more challenging and costly repairs. Thorough servicing detects such issues early, averting larger repair expenses and emergency call-out charges down the line. Furthermore, it minimises downtime by preemptively addressing any issues before they cause gate malfunctions.

2. Prolongs the Lifespan of Your Gate

Another advantage of electric gate servicing is it's potential to prolong the lifespan of your gate when conducted properly, by a professional who can see the danger signs.

Neglected minor issues can exacerbate over time, prematurely shortening the gate's longevity.

Regular maintenance checks ensure that the automation remains in optimal condition. Such servicing typically involves lubricating moving parts with various lubricants specific to the part, clearing debris and bugs and applying repellant, ensuring batteries are healthy and replacing them when they show deterioration, thereby mitigating unnecessary wear and tear.

3. Guarantees Security

While gates serve as a strong visual deterrent for security purposes, their effectiveness is meaningless if they fail to function properly.

Ensuring that your gates are reliable is crucial in preventing unauthorized access. Regular servicing ensures that your gates remain operational and play a pivotal role in safeguarding your property consistently throughout the year.

How Often Should My Gate Be Serviced?

Ideally, you should conduct a brief monthly inspection of your gate. However, it's essential to enlist professionals for a thorough servicing at least once a year, just like you do for your car by way of a warrant of fitness and service.

A comprehensive gate service detects any subtle issues that may affect the performance and durability of your gate and protects your asset.

We recognise that managing numerous tasks can be challenging, which is why Designer Gates offers an easy book and go service, call or email to book your date and in almost all cases you won't even need to be home whilst it's conducted. This ensures that your gate maintenance is consistently addressed, offering you peace of mind and ongoing protection.

Need to Get that Electric Gate Service Booked?

The Team at Designer Gates are your local leading supplier of automated gates in Christchurch and North Canterbury. We can service all Centurion Motors and their accessories and for other brands enquire with the team to ensure we can help you out.

We have expert knowledge of all safety and compliance requirements. If you’re looking to arrange a service for your gate, or you want to discuss your individual needs with one of our technicians, contact our friendly team today.


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